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Campings OroCRM Case Study: Finds Room to Grow in Europe with OroCRM

March 7, 2017 | Oro Team grows with orocrm

The Company

Since its launch in 2008, Campings has become a leader in vacation property rentals in France. The company began with online camping and holiday booking through and has grown to offer online booking through a network of over 10,000 partners.  They also created the brand Camping N°1 as a B2B white-label product directly available to travel agencies, websites, tour operator and works councils.  However, in order to continue its growth in the B2B market, it needed to structure and consolidate information from its large network of partners and multiple channels. The following Campings OroCRM case study details just how they accomplished this. 

The challenge

Campings needed a new CRM tool to better manage its community of suppliers and B2B clients throughout France and Europe.

The primary need was to provide users with a comprehensive 360-degree view of their clients and partners. They needed to take control of:

  • Ongoing contracts with their suppliers, and all available contact info for each of them;
  • Tariffs and prices for lodging;
  • Number of spaces available for booking;
  • Daily activities and interactions of company employees with leads and customers;
  • Aggregating customer data, including their family statuses, birthdays, booking preferences and so on.

For Campings, it was crucial that they find a customizable solution that could centralize data from two different contact types managed by different user groups. They needed a CRM that could partition/segment data while maintaining a single profile for each client, prospect, and partner.

In addition, they needed a CRM with collaborative features where users could manage their daily activities and track interactions with their contacts.

The solution

After a careful study of all available solutions, Campings chose OroCRM.  The decision to select OroCRM was based on the ability to support multiple integrations and the flexible Symfony 2-based platform. It was clearly the solution that could adapt and support the company’s growth.

Synolia, who was OroCRM’s very first Gold partner, set up the Enterprise version of OroCRM using the Agile method (SCRUM).

The results

Campings used OroCRM to:

  • Gain 360° view of their partners and clients;
  • Analyze and segment their contact base;
  • Offer a better experience to their partners and clients, providing them with a more personalized approach;
  • Improve their marketing efforts: create campaigns and tasks automatically assigned to a particular sales rep;
  • Efficiently track sales pipeline and key performance indicators: using OroCRM’s powerful reporting engine LCV now track everything from sales pipelines to conversion rates and revenues.

This Campings OroCRM case study shows that the company used OroCRM to boost its B2B development efforts and is now expanding its presence in Europe. What’s next?  The company is investigating how to use the solution for all its B2B and B2C clients. A Zendesk (customer service software and support ticket system) integration is also underway to offer an improved customer relationship.

“Thanks to data centralization within OroCRM, we can discard our approximate reporting to gain useful indicators to follow performances for a better management of our activity.” Nicolas Moussikian, CTO, Campings.

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