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Increase Customer Satisfaction with a CRM

July 30, 2014 | Jary Carter

Earlier this year in the United States, a major health care insurer erroneously sent cancellation letters to many of their customers. This obviously made customers unhappy; but, when they called to complain, something unusual happened. Customers did not just receive confirmation that their coverage was secure; they received apology packages in the mail that contained a note and a bar of heart-healthy high cocoa content chocolate. These mollifying touches can make all of the difference when it comes to retaining customers and can be easily managed with the right customer relationship management tools. A chocolate bar and some postage costs a lot less than ad space in any medium and certainly less than losing customers altogether. And no ad made is as effective as a positive customer service story told by a trusted friend.

Creating Delight with CRM and Case Management

In any business, mistakes will happen. Errors are made with orders; packages get lost or damaged. But, what determines whether you will keep a client is swift and satisfactory customer service. In a recent survey, Eighty-nine percent of respondents said that they have left a business due to poor or unresponsive customer service. And, 79% said that they have complained to a business without receiving a response. Research indicates that you have a week to get back to a customer before you lose their business to your competitors.


A CRM system that includes a solid case management system ensures you have the details available keep customer complaints from falling through the cracks. By being a business people trust as responsive and caring, you can increase customer satisfaction and even earn the business of their friends and family.


Positive Experiences Keep Customers – And Win You New Ones

With the rise of social media, every customer now has a megaphone they can shout from about their experience with your company, and they will use it. In a Harris Interactive survey, about one-quarter of customers say they have posted online about bad service. Luckily, they also share when they are happy. One in five consumers said that they have posted a positive comment online after receiving prompt and courteous responses to complaints. These positive posts make your customers your best advocates. Not only do you retain a happy customer, you get an opportunity to win business from their friends and families. This is one of the key reasons at OroCRM we invested heavily in Case Management in our most recent product release.  Resolving customer issues is a critical part of managing the overall relationship for any business!


Personalized Service Wins Loyalty

In today’s market, businesses need to be customer-centric to thrive. One-third of customers say that a personalized experience is important and will make them come back to a business. And, a high percentage say that they are willing to pay more to get better service.


With the right CRM, you are able to learn about how your customers behave and what they want. This wealth of data gives you the ability to anticipate their needs and offer the experience they desire.


Customary wisdom says it costs five times more to woo a new customer as it does to keep the one you have. By delighting your customers at every opportunity, you can reduce your acquisition costs and increase your revenue. In OroCRM 1.3, we have improved our investment in personalization by allowing for website tracking down to the customer level.  This level of customer understanding allows for more personalized marketing focused on the connection your customer has with your brand. Over time, investing in personalized service makes your business more profitable, more competitive, and helps you increase customer satisfaction in order to secure your future growth.

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