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January OroCRM Maintenance Releases Recap

February 1, 2018 | Oro Team

As we’ve previously announced, we’ll be blogging about the new long-support (LTS) and regular maintenance releases for both OroCRM and OroCommerce only once per month. The time for a monthly update on the improvements has come! Let’s overview the most recent OroCRM maintenance releases completed in January.

New OroCRM LTS Maintenance Releases  

OroCRM Enterprise 2.3.21

This version introduces number of small fixes within OroCommerce Enterprise Edition, namely:

  • The Outlook plugins have been upgraded.
  • Emails in the activity list are displayed only to authorized users.
  • The Check Connection option required to check the connection settings status is available for LDAP integrations.

For further details, check out the respective *GitHub repository and the OroCRM Enterprise 2.0.35 release notes.

* Note that all of our GitHub repos for the Oro products’ Enterprise Editions are only available to the logged in Enterprise users.

OroCRM Enterprise 2.3.20

The OroCRM Enterprise Edition 2.3.20 maintenance release introduces several backend security improvements and bug fixes. The new changes are as follows:

  • Websocket restrictions have been implemented.
  • The issues with the fields validation on user/profile/view, user/role/view page, organization/view, massnotification/view, locale/localization pages, and workflowdefinition/view page have been successfully resolved.
  • The Decorator of Security Facade service works properly.
  • Email sync issue has been fixed.
  • The calendar events issues have been successfully resolved.
  • The tracking code of a tracking website being generated uses the correct application installation path.
  • The Campaign filter to be applied to the campaign events works as intended.

OroCRM Enterprise Edition 2.3.20 GitHub repo, as well as the respective, release notes, will provide you with more technical details.

OroCRM Enterprise 2.0.36

OroCRM Enterprise Edition 2.0.36 LTS comes with several performance enhancements and glitch fixes including the following changes:

  • The message text for the notification that appears when creating a new event in the calendar has been changed.
  • The issues with the fields’ validation on the user, profile, role, and organization views have been resolved.
  • The amount of queue messages for user login tracking has been decreased.
  • The work of the security facade service decorator has been improved.
  • The Create Template functionality performance has been improved.
  • The email synchronization process has been improved.  
  • The status of the calendar event created and updated by different users displays correctly in the activities list on the contact view.

To learn more about the optimizations and small fixes within this release, visit the dedicated GitHub repository and read the detailed release notes.

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