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Large European Car Maker Redefines Efficient Automotive CRM with OroCRM – Pt. 3

October 25, 2016 | Oro Team

In part one and two of this case study, we discussed the ways in which we used OroCRM to develop a customer relationship management solution customized to the automotive CRM needs of our client, a major European B2B auto parts manufacturer. For instance, we connected various external systems to OroCRM, then took advantage of its default functionalities in order to build a variety of sales and marketing tools that would analyze this data flow. Now let’s go a little deeper and explore how we applied access and permissions management in order to keep all the data in perfect order.


Our client’s head office retains primary access to their OroCRM system, meaning they can see all data on any past, current, or potential customers around the world. However, we did create different user roles and permissions for marketing and sales departments, ensuring they only see data that relates to their area of work.

This project will soon be implemented internationally. When this happens, we will arrange the data within OroCRM in order to give localized access only to the sales and marketing managers within each country, restricting any information that is not from their own market. In addition, because our client manufactures multiple car brands, each of which they consider to be a different business unit, we will implement a similar type of specific, localized access for each sales and marketing team.


We will set different user roles for marketing and sales departments within each local office in the same way we have for the marketing and sales departments within the head office.


While purchasing a car online may be convenient for the buyer, it involved numerous steps that can quickly make the process complicated for the manufacturer. For this reason, the customer asked for an automotive CRM solution that addressed the needs and complexities of online automotive sales and order management. Since our platform already had many of the resources required to bring this idea to life, the manufacturer decided to go with OroCRM.

By customizing OroCRM’s default functionalities, the European car manufacturer was able to get the full 360-degree view of their customers and prospects, including insurance claims, trade-in views, which products they are viewing, and much more. In addition, other connections were made into various other systems in order to organize our client’s data flow, as well as help them segment their customers and build targeted campaigns.

Despite the project requiring OroCRM to aggregate data from different sources and be accessible to employees from multiple departments, it was still easy to work with due to its ability to specify permissions and limitations of each user. Depending on their role, a user will only see what’s required in OroCRM.

Soon, our client plans to expand our OroCRM integration project to its various international offices. The flexibility of OroCRM will make it easy to connect it to local sales and marketing departments, dealerships, and even factories around the world. It is a convenient solution for our client’s complex needs.


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