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LTS 4.1 Is Out for OroCRM

February 13, 2020 | Oro Team

We’re excited to announce that OroCRM LTS 4.1 is finally out, and is now available for the Community and Enterprise Editions. This release is rolled out in conjunction with the latest OroCommerce 4.1 LTS and shares many of the technological upgrades, fixes and improvements across the board.

What’s new in OroCRM 4.1 LTS

We want to bring you and your customers closer together, and this LTS is a testament to that fact. Here’s what you can expect as part of this release:

Symfony 4.4 LTS

One of the biggest changes is the move to Symfony 4.4 LTS, which offers enhanced data management, faster performance, reporting and more. We also made improvements to the back end experience to make OroCRM more secure and reliable.

Back-office improvements

It’s now easier to work with large amounts of customer data by exporting what you filter out. This will be appreciated by CRM managers that deal with large databases or data volumes.

You can also export data for your records or update them in existing systems, as well as import them back in the same manner. Lastly, records will be automatically updated with new data if it’s been changed.

Localization improvements 

This update brings new language-related configuration options in addition to smaller improvements to languages for consistent front-end and back-end experiences.

Improved are also various back-office functions including tighter data integration for more accurate reporting with OroCommerce applications.

Developer experience

Introducing new configurations and authentication methods to improve automation and gain more visibility into customer data. Integrate with enterprise-level middleware or connect OroCRM with enterprise ERPs.

The API has been extended considerably and now allows you to build applications ideally suited for your workflows.

Lastly, the integration of WebPack and Babel offers more freedom with your asset build toolchain. 

Please note that WSSE support has been deprecated in favor of OAUTH 2.0 and is no longer supported in OroCRM.

Don’t delay & upgrade to OroCRM LTS 4.1

We recommend upgrading your Oro applications as soon as the most recent LTS goes live. The upgrade process is similar for all our products and editions.

Also, check out our Product Roadmap for more information about our upcoming features and forecasted release schedules.

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