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We’d like to inform our community of the immediate availability of the maintenance releases of version 2.1.2 for OroPlatform, OroCRM Community Edition (CE), and OroCRM Enterprise Edition (EE).

Maintenance Release for OroPlatform and OroCRM CE 1.10.13 and Enterprise Edition 1.12.13 Are Now Available

Maintenance Release for OroPlatform and OroCRM CE 1.10.8 and Enterprise Edition 1.12.8 Are Now Available

Introducing further maintenance releases for older versions of Oro products – which we’ll naturally be doing for a while to support our customers who haven’t migrated to the newest version yet – we’d love to remind you of the availability of the much awaited release of OroCRM and OroPlatform 2.0.

But until you decide to upgrade to the 2.0 version offering you a robust suite of enhanced tools, we want you to stay content with your current software version and announce the maintenance release for OroPlatform and OroCRM CE 1.10.13 and Enterprise Edition 1.12.13. It provides regular bug fixes and performance improvements.

For the complete list of enhancements, please visit our GitHub repositories or simply follow the links below (please first log into GitHub):

* The links lead to private GitHub repository, open to the OroCRM EE users only.

If you are already using one of our older versions, you can use the upgrade instructions to update to the latest version. Clone instructions can be found here.

Please feel free to give us your feedback or leave comments in our forums. We hope you enjoy this release and find it useful.  

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