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How To Merge Account records in OroCRM

September 3, 2016 | Oro Team

Welcome to OroCRM’s video tutorial series.  This is Alex with OroCRM  and today I will be demonstrating how to merge several account records in OroCRM.

In this tutorial we will consider the following scenario: A company data audit has discovered several accounts have been created that represent the same business.  This leads to confusion and information could be misplaced.  The solution is to merge all of these accounts into a single record.

In order to merge these  Accounts navigate to Customers > Accounts. On the left side of the grid select two or more Accounts that should be merged. In our example we will merge three Accounts. Press the mass-action menu and select Merge Accounts. Once you’ve clicked the Merge Accounts button, the merge-settings page will be displayed.

First, choose the name of the account that will become our new “Master Record”. For each row where a Strategy label appears you may select Append or Replace from the drop down list. Choosing append will merge all records in the row to the new master record. Choosing replace will overwrite whatever the current master record’s value is with the choice selected by the radio button. Some rows will not allow a strategy as only one value is acceptable.  Owner is one such field.

If necessary,  it is possible to select all the values of one account by clicking the Select All Values under the corresponding Account. All other related entities not provided in the table with the merge-settings will be merged using an append strategy. Once all selections are complete click the Merge button. A Master Record with merged data of several accounts will be completed.

Please note – all records that are not master records will be deleted.  The same principle applies to merging Contact records

Thank you for watching! For more Tutorial videos please visit our CRM learning center.


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