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New eLearning Course: Learn to Setup a Basic Sales Pipeline in OroCRM

November 9, 2017 | Oro Team

We’re thrilled to introduce our new, free eLearning course from the Oro Tutorials series. The Basic Pipeline Course in OroCRM is a comprehensive training tool that expands on how to properly set up a successful sales process – from prospect all the way to a closed sale.

To access the course, make sure you are registered at Oro website, you can sign up for an account here. Once you’ve logged in, you can enroll for the training and start it as soon as you feel like.

What This Course Looks Like

This self-led course covers three major topics: Sales Pipeline Basic Concepts, Sales Pipeline in Use, and Sales Pipeline Management. Each section comprises of several stand-alone educational content and videos which is followed by a short quiz at the end.


As a course taker, you’re free to follow the provided material sequence or just navigate through the lessons the way you like. The Summary and Follow Up section of the training provides additional tutorial videos from our Media Library that highlight many “how-to” scenarios in OroCRM which will help you advance your OroCRM knowledge.

Once you cover a topic and take the quick quiz that follows, the topic is marked as complete making it easy for you to track course progress while keeping an eye on what still needs to be learned.


What You’ll Learn from the Basic Sales Pipeline Course

Take a look at the course structure to find out what specific topics are covered.

Sales Pipeline: Basic Concepts

After reading through this introductory section, you will get a clear vision of what Oro Sales Pipeline is. You will also get an overview of major topics like:

  • lead qualification,
  • opportunity development,
  • opportunity closure, and
  • sales territories.

Sales Pipeline in Use

In this section, you will dive deeper into two key elements of the sales cycle: leads and opportunities. You will be guided through basic sales process steps, such as:

  • creating and importing a lead,
  • converting a lead into an opportunity,
  • developing an opportunity, and
  • logging and closing opportunities as won.

Sales Pipeline Management

In the Sales Management section of the course, you will learn about four different record types available in OroCRM. These represent customers and businesses and will help you navigate through the sales pipeline. In particular, you will

  • explore the Magento, Sales, and Commerce channels;
  • learn what customer types exist in the system depending on the channel from which they originate;
  • learn what accounts are as well as how to create and manage them;
  • find out what contacts in OroCRM are and what you can relate them to; and
  • define how accounts and sales are connected.

Summary and Follow Up

The closing section of the course offers a brief quiz to test your knowledge of the material, as well as a vast collection of tutorial videos that will help you round up your OroCRM expertise. These include videos on how to create and handle opportunities and accounts; manage and merge account records; create and manage tags, taxonomies, calendars, contact requests, notification rules, tasks, emails; and much more.

Enroll for the free Basic Sales Pipeline course to keep track of your sales process with OroCRM.

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