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New Improvement Within Oro Products: Oro PHPStorm Plugin

January 5, 2017 | Oro Team

OroPlatform functionalities are constantly revised for enhancements and refined by our valuable Community members, so is the entire suite of Oro products. New features have been implemented and different development approaches have been introduced in order to bring revolutionary experiences to our clients so that they could take full advantage of numerous opportunities our business app development platform offers. The latest improvement is the availability of our Oro PHPStorm Plugin.

What is Oro PHPStorm Plugin?

Our new improvement, Oro PHPStorm Plugin, is an advanced supporting tool that will hugely benefit application developers. The tools has proved to be very efficient when used by our teams internally which is why we’ve decided to incorporate it into our Oro products.

Oro PHPStorm Plugin is an extension designed to enrich the functionality of the existing Integrated Development Environment (IDE) where the PHP developers create code. With the help of Oro PHPStorm Plugin, it’s possible to significantly  speed up the features development process.


What are the benefits of this tool?

Oro PHPStorm Plugin helps to use features available in OroPlatform straight from the IDE, without needing to constantly validate your code against developer guides. This saves precious time and effort for Community members who are not yet familiar with OroPlatform’s features. The tool ensures error-free coding when developing OroPlatform features  since it checks the code as it’s typed and highlights errors enabling quick fixes.  

In more detail, Oro PHPStorm Plugin provides:


Autocompletion and high level validation for the YAML configuration files

The plugin autocompletes elements and their values in config files available in OroPlatform-based applications. This helps to quickly grasp the file structure and select exact combinations to be added in each line or parameter. In case of input mismatches, the tool alerts any errors that need to be corrected. Here is the entire list of the YAML configs used in OroPlatform.

Autocompletion for entity methods added dynamically during the application execution

The Oro PHPStorm Plugin suggests dynamically added methods and properties. This allows developers to understand what methods or properties are actually present in the Entity class without having to investigate the code to validate this information. This kind of autocompletion is applicable to the Entity Extend feature.


Version, Install and Upgrade

Oro PHPStorm Plugin supports applications based on the 2.0. version of OroPlatform and is available in the official JetBrains repository. Developers are welcome to install and upgrade it using the PHP Storm capabilities.

Feel Free to Contribute!

Oro PHPStorm Plugin is an open-source tool available in our public repository meaning everyone can contribute and extend it. Here you can learn about the contribution rules.

We hope you found this information useful. Should you have any questions about the plugin, leave a comment in the section below or post on our forums.

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