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New Release: OroCRM and OroPlatform 2.3 Are Now Available

August 1, 2017 | Oro Team

We’re excited to announce the immediate availability of version 2.3 of both OroPlatform and OroCRM. To help you understand the numerous advancements in these new releases, the following is a brief roundup of how you and your business stand to benefit.

OroCRM: What’s New in 2.3

In the new 2.3 Long Term Support (LTS) version of OroCRM, we have implemented several performance optimizations and have refined numerous capabilities. Specifically, OroCRM 2.3 introduces a number of improvements in both eCommerce-related and marketing functionalities.

Magento Integration Improvements

Credit Memos Import and Synchronization

A new system entity now available in the OroCRM Sales menu, credit memos are documents that specify the amount to be refunded to a customer’s bank account. They are initially created on the Magento side, and can now be imported to OroCRM. Because of this, credit memos are view-only entities that cannot be modified or deleted from your OroCRM instance. However, they can be viewed independently and are available on the Account, Magento Customer, and relevant Magento Order views.

It is also possible to access credit memos imported from Magento and use this data when creating reports, for example.

Magento 2 Integration

Unfortunately, integrating OroCRM with Magento 2 had to be postponed due to a change in priorities. In the meantime, we’ve issued the integration basics code, which allows you to establish a connection to Magento 2 instances via REST-based transport. While waiting for a full Magento 2 integration upgrade to arrive, you can use this code to implement the Magento 2 integration by yourself. We welcome any contributions as well!

Phone Numbers in the Magento Customer’s Address Book View

This may seem like an insignificant fix, but it allows you to access and manage your contacts with much more ease. To ensure the complete contact information is displayed at the address book view for the Magento customers, we have added the field containing their phone numbers.

Marketing Lists Improvements

We have expanded the list of entities that are available as Marketing List targets. From now on, you can generate marketing lists based on Accounts (using the primary email of a default contact), as well as from OroCommerce’s Customer Users, Quotes, Orders, and Shopping Lists (using a customer’s email address). With this improvement in place, marketing reps can build marketing lists using default entities, as well as send out email campaigns based on relevant entity data.

OroPlatform: What’s New in 2.3

OroPlatform 2.3 has been given several upgrades aimed at making it more streamlined and secure.

Workflow Capabilities Improved

It’s now possible to use workflow transitions that send email notifications for both in progress and completed transitions. Similar to regular email notifications, you can use Templates with these transitions. This improvement allows you to keep the application’s users involved in workflow-based activities and for them to receive instant alerts on a workflow’s progress.

JS Dependencies Updated

To enhance OroCommerce’s security and speed, we have updated most of our JavaScript dependencies to the latest stable versions.


To be in line with Symfony’s latest updates, we have replaced ‘SecurityFacade’ with ‘AuthorizationCheckerInterface’ and ‘TokenStorageInterface’ components. The previous method has been phased out.

To find out when the next versions of OroCRM and OroCommerce will be out, or to see how long we’ll be supporting the 2.3 version of OroPlatform and OroCRM, checkout the release schedule.

For more details on these updates, please refer to the following release notes:

To upgrade to version 2.3 of either OroCRM or OroCommerce, simply follow the upgrade instructions. Clone instructions can be found here.

We’re looking forward to your feedback! Tell us what you think in our forums or in the comments section below.

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