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New Release: OroPlatform and OroCRM 2.2 Are Now Available

June 1, 2017 | Oro Team

Following our release schedule, we’re excited to inform our Community about the new minor release of both OroPlatform and OroCRM.

OroPlatform and OroCRM 2.2 are now available to download for both Community and Enterprise Edition users.

New Release in a Nutshell

The recent release of OroCRM 2.2 upgrades existing functionality and features. We’ve also implemented a number of quality and performance optimizations along with key fixes to minor bugs.

Within OroPlatform 2.2, we introduce the improved translation and localization management as well as optimized workflow capabilities. We have also made further enhancements to existing features found in earlier releases.

OroCRM: What’s New in 2.2

Sales pipeline improvements

  • The relation between an account and customer is now displayed at the Opportunity view and can be immediately traced.

Other fixes and improvements

  • To ensure a better UI consistency, the UI filtering component in autoresponse rule management has been redesigned;
  • Magento import process that syncs Magento records with OroCRM has been improved.

OroPlatform: What’s New in 2.2

Workflow capabilities

Here’s a list of the improved workflow capabilities:

  • Due to the new operations parameter, workflow actions can be performed without unnecessary page or grid refreshing;
  • Modifying an activated workflow is not allowed to ensure other users’ routines based on the same workflow are not affected.
  • Performance of `WorkflowItemListener` component has been optimized to minimize up to 35% of job execution time (e.g. for IMAP sync and similar);
  • Import already existing workflow configurations to a new workflow has been enabled;
  • Transition form can be rendered with layouts to save custom styles and other customizations when displayed at the front-end.

Localizations and translations

The following performance improvements have been implemented for localization and translation functionalities:

  • Admin users can easily reset translations to their default values with a grid action;
  • In the workflow configuration, developers can mark workflow buttons as translatable  allowing admin users to edit button translations in the workflow management UI;
  • When available, Crowdin translations can be downloaded for a certain locale during installation.

Other fixes and improvements

  • Entity management: unidirectional relations with non-extendable inverse side can now be created via UI;
  • Memory based cache decorator for the application has been deployed for a better cache performance;
  • CommonJS format is now supported in requirejsExposure;
  • New complex index by `object_id`, `object_class`, `type` has been added to the DataAudit table for a better performance.

We hope you will enjoy and leverage the optimized performance of both OroPlatform and OroCRM 2.2. Stay tuned for our new releases and product upgrades!

If you are using one of our older versions, follow the upgrade instructions to catch up with the most up-to-date version. Clone instructions are available here.
Please feel free to submit your suggestions for further improvements and provide your feedback  in our forums.

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