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New Release: OroPlatform and OroCRM 2.6 LTS Are Now Available

February 6, 2018 | Oro Team

We’re pleased to announce that the new OroPlatform and OroCRM version 2.6 have now been released!

In this long-term support release, we’ve continued to refine the features rolled out in the previous releases, implemented few general performance and UI improvements, and fixed a few issues pointed out by our community. Specifically, we’ve optimized the system configuration search and extended the email notification capabilities for both applications.

For OroCRM, we’ve improved the Magento integration functionality and added more flexibility to the way ACL permission levels are configured for organizations with global data access.  

OroCRM and OroPlatform 2.6 Enhancements

Magento Integration (OroCRM CE, and EE)

The notes customers add to their Magento orders are now imported to OroCRM as Customer notes and displayed in the Magento order view. They are also available in both the Magento customer and Account views once the ’Import Order Comments as Customer Notes’ option is selected in the integration configuration. To leverage this upgrade, use OroCRM Magento Bridge version 1.2.19 or later versions.

Restricted Visibility for Global Access Organizations (OroCRM EE)

Due to the improved ACL permission levels for organizations with global data access, administrators can create user roles with the restricted entity visibility even though these users may have access to global organization data.

System Configuration Search (OroPlatform, OroCRM CE, and EE)

We have improved the system configuration search feature introduced earlier in OroPlatform and OroCRM 2.4 respectively. The new capabilities are:

  • Search now includes the text configuration values (such as email signatures) for a wider coverage.
  • Due to the Fuse.js-based fuzzy search configuration, the matching results can be easily found even when a search combination is misspelled or only partially provided.
  • The search UI has been enhanced to ensure a better user experience.

Email Notifications (OroPlatform, OroCRM CE, and EE)

It’s now possible to configure notification rules and send email notifications using email addresses specified in the entity fields marked as emails.

For example, you can set up an automated “Thank you for your interest” follow up email in reply to someone submitting a contact request form (based on the email provided in the form).   

Other Improvements (OroPlatform, OroCRM CE, and EE)

  • You can now see the organizers of the events in the calendar view.
  • Email headers and bodies have been stripped of any unsafe tags to bolster email security without compromising on email functionality and performance.
  • The websocket server subscriptions now require token-based authorization for improved security.
  • All grid exports now include the ID column.
  • We’ve migrated to PHP 7.1 and no longer support PHP 7.0.
  • The DoctrineBundle has been upgraded to 1.6.5.
  • Error levels are now logged for the integrations.
  • The query designer and segmentation components were refactored to make them independent from the entity selector control.

We hope you find the new updates to OroPlatform and OroCRM 2.6 valuable. To upgrade your current version, follow the upgrade or clone instruction.

For more details, read the release notes to OroPlatform and OroCRM 2.6 EE and CE.

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