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Free Guide to Open Source CRM Adoption – The Chameleon Criteria for CRM

November 21, 2019 | Oro Team

Is your company embracing a truly customer-focused approach to growth? As more and more companies embrace digitalization, it’s time to think outside the box. As new opportunities arise, companies are approaching new markets and customer groups in innovative ways. Aligning business processes with customer needs requires technology that blends into the background like a chameleon.

DMK, a leading agile open source provider, has created a guide to developing customer centers in customer-focused businesses using an open source CRM.

Who Should Read this Guide?

The Chameleon Criteria for CRM was written for sales, marketing, customer service, and IT operatives and executives that are looking to digitize their processes to improve efficiencies and outcomes. Companies world-wide are converting to a customer-focused model and a successful transformation requires a 360° degree view of the customer. This guide shows how the right CRM integrates into your existing IT structure to provide the functionality forward-facing and back office staff need to ensure a smooth customer journey. If your company’s roadmap includes moving to a more customer-focused environment, you should read this guide.

What’s Included?

This guide includes a detailed look at different scenarios in which retailers, manufacturers, and start-ups use the data from a CRM to support omnichannel touchpoints, create a targeted customer loyalty program, and support value-adding processes. You’ll learn the criteria for selecting a CRM no matter the niche or market your company occupies.

In addition, the guide identifies the factors for a successful CRM implementation. It covers the benefits of selecting an open source option as well as how you can assess the true flexibility of the solutions you evaluate.  Read about:

  •       Prioritizing requirements
  •       Establishing a cross-functional team
  •       Accurately depicting customer-related processes

The importance of an agile implementation is also covered. This includes the recommendation of the 80/20 rule in setting initials goals as well as the rationale for the recommendations. This information is crucial if it is your desire to speed the time to ROI.

The Chameleon Criteria

DMK is a leader in customer-centered digital innovations. Their extensive work with German companies and governmental agencies gives them a unique perspective on how open source solutions can be successfully deployed to increase performance through technology. DMK uses agile principles and procedural models to guide their clients through successful digital transformations. Through their work, they have identified the chameleon criteria necessary for integrating new solutions into an existing IT structure. In this guide, DMK shares their findings.

Discover what the chameleon criteria is and learn how the chameleon criteria helps you identify the solution with maximum flexibility for implementation and integration into an existing IT structure. See for yourself how meeting the chameleon criteria keeps the focus on the customer as the supporting IT solutions fade into the background.

Start Your Move to a Customer-Focused Strategy

Start your move to a customer-focused strategy by downloading this guide. See how using a CRM to develop customer centers can improve performance, customer satisfaction and the bottom line. Download your copy of this guide today.

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