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Oro at Online Retailer 2015

July 30, 2015 | Oro Team

Last week, the OroCRM team gathered in Sydney, Australia to sponsor and attend the Online Retailer event. Speakers and attendees came from all over the world to discover the latest Commerce trends in the region.

Two of the clearest growth opportunities for Australian merchants are the opportunity to gain a single view of customer and using that view to create better personalization.



Image 1. The OroCRM booth at Online Retailer.


Single View of Customer

A common topic of the conference was the need to gather a single view of customer across sales and marketing activities. Because of the high number of multi-channel retailers in Australia, merchants are struggling to aggregate customer sales and communication data. Without this information, loyalty programs, seamless customer support and true customer understanding aren’t possible.

For example, many loyalty programs are currently delivered through only a single sales channel, whether online or in store, and don’t contemplate other behaviors such as referring a friend or reviewing a product. This is not for lack of desire to make it comprehensive, but for the lack of tools to make seamless loyalty a reality.

Other companies are working to gather a single view of their customer so their customer service and sales teams don’t have to work through multiple systems to gather customer data at best, or at worst, not know who their customers are when they reach out. Gaining a single customer view, and having the tools to deliver results for customers based on that view, is becoming a top priority for many Australian merchants in an increasingly competitive multi-channel market.

Best-in-class companies such as OroCRM customer Forty Winks were highlighted for having an innovative in-store lead capture mechanism that is helping their in-store sales teams close more deals, and giving marketing teams access to leads that are coming into the stores.




Image 2. OroCRM at Balance Internet booth.



Personalizing everything from outbound marketing activities to the online shopping experience was also a priority topic for many merchants. Creating a personalized customer experience is top of mind for many retailers as the need for market differentiation continues to grow. This opportunity was highlighted by existing OroCRM customer Spares Box whose innovative use of OroCRM has helped them charge their growth and deliver a personalized customer experience.

OroCRM’s ability to create unique customer segments and campaigns to manage marketing activities is opening new doors for merchants to personalize messaging and find additional sales.


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