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Oro Celebrates the New Year in the Ukraine

December 21, 2015 | Inna Larycheva

The New Year is one of the best and most exciting holidays of the year – ringing bells, honking horns, cheerful and delighted people, and music echoing from every window and restaurant. Everything is filled with life at New Years.

The best New Year party I’ve ever attended was the Oro New Year party in the Ukraine last week with my colleagues. In fact, every year after our company celebration, I think that it cannot get any better. Yet every year, I am surprised as the company holiday party is even more fun than the year before.

This year, we had a grand celebration with our own celebrities. The venue was lit up with streams of light, there was a real red carpet, and we had a lot of paparazzi. The decor looked fascinating and majestic! Everyone enjoyed  the wonderful cuisine and amazing games, and the contests wouldn’t allow us to get bored.

The time flew by all the way until midnight. The aura created by the well-lit place, the mouth-watering aromas of various delicacies, and the feet-thumping party music will long stay imprinted on my mind. This New Year party has definitely become the best of the best – at least until it is time to celebrate in 2016.







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