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Developers' Digest

The Oro Extension Marketplace is Now Open

April 3, 2014 | Yoav Kutner


Today we are opening the Oro Extension Marketplace.

This marketplace offers developers and companies a way to list and market Oro related extensions. It also provides a single directory for Oro customers to browse and choose available extensions. The Oro Marketplace allows extensions varied from new features that enhance our products to integrations that reduce development complexity. It even allows for completely new Business Applications built on the OroPlatform. This is another step in furthering our commitment to building an ecosystem around our products, and providing immense value to both development companies and our customers.

To start, we have two marketplaces, one for OroCRM extensions and one for OroPlatform extensions and Applications. Developers will be able to decide which marketplace is best for listing their extensions. Companies and developers that are building new applications using the OroPlatform can contact us as we are willing to open a marketplace branded and dedicated to their application so that other 3rd party developers can list extensions for their applications.

These Marketplaces support listing free open source extensions as well as paid extensions. For now, free extensions will be available for users to install directly through their Oro Package Manager, while paid extensions will link outside of the marketplace.  These extensions will be installed as 3rd party customizations. We also have prepared some documentation about how to package and list extensions.

We really look forward to seeing the creativity of our Community and how you will extend and improve our products!

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