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OroCRM and OroPlatform Code is Open

May 28, 2013 | Yoav Kutner

It’s an exciting moment for OroCRM! Today we are making our code available and open to everyone. We hope this allows us to work more closely with our growing Community. To give some context, in this post we will be walking through our initial product Features and the licensing we chose.

Product Features

Much of our work since the inception of the OroCRM project has gone into creating The OroPlatform, our Business Application Platform (BAP). It is through the platform we will connect with our development community in a more meaningful way than traditional software applications. The OroPlatform also creates the foundation for building a truly flexible and scalable OroCRM product. Some of the key features of The OroPlatform include:

  • Advanced Search
  • REST and SOAP APIs
  • Full Navigation with Flexible Menu Structure – including history, most viewed items and a Pinbar
  • Users, Groups and Role Management with ACL
  • Flexible Entities with Dynamic Attributes
  • Data Audit
  • Data Grid
  • Form State Auto-save

These features and the ones we are working on currently are the foundation of The OroPlatform and begin to deliver on the vision of reducing development time in business application development.

In addition to the full feature set of The OroPlatform, which will be included as part of OroCRM and will serve as the foundation for OroCRM product flexibility, we are also adding additional features to OroCRM at code release. The most important features include Accounts, Contacts and Group Management. These features are still work in progress and both OroCRM and OroPlatform should NOT be used for production applications yet and are released for evaluation purpose only.

Over the next several months we will be utilizing a large part of our team to develop the features that deliver on our vision of being the CRM for Commerce. In the meantime, we hope to receive a lot of feedback from those who test and try OroCRM. Our Forums are open so please sign up and join our community today.


It was our goal to be as “ecosystem friendly” as possible in choosing our open source licensing.

For The OroPlatform we chose the MIT license. We chose this particular license because it is completely unrestrictive to those who want to use the platform to create their own commercial applications. We hope that many open source and commercial applications will be built on The OroPlatform. In fact, we already have a product being built on The OroPlatform, Akeneo, an Open Source Product Information Management (PIM) System. ( They are using the platform to more rapidly develop their product and we wanted to assure they and others had the most flexible license possible for commercialization.

For OroCRM we chose OSL 3.0. We chose the OSL 3.0 because it provides the flexibility for our customers to download and modify the software how they see fit, while at the same time allowing us to more easily create a differentiated commercial offering.

As we made the decision on licensing, our first lens was assuring our licensing would only enhance the attractiveness of our offerings.


To get your hands on our latest code see our download section


Our documentation is available on our Wiki. We are in the process of working on opening some spaces for our community so that you can add your documentation and update ours.

Let us know what you think…

The Oro Team

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