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Developers' Digest

OroCRM and OroPlatform Community Involvement

July 22, 2013 | Yoav Kutner

Since making our code publicly available we have received great response and feedback from our growing community. We have talked numerous times about how we appreciate the importance of a community for an open-source project and understand that for OroCRM to be successful as an open-source CRM project we need a great community around it. With that, we would like to propose some defined ways to keep our conversation with our community open and transparent and set some expectations on collaboration and contributions.

So far we have received some very valuable reports of issues that were found by our community, which means that developers and users are testing and learning our application and platform (the BAP). To facilitate greater collaboration, we ask that all issue reporting be done on GitHub. Specifically, issues found in OroPlatform (BAP) should be created here (anything under the namespace Oro), and issues for OroCRM should be opened here (anything under the namespace OroCRM). If you aren’t sure just go ahead and open issues under the platform. We are integrating our ticketing system with GitHub so we have a more streamlined interaction between our development team and the Oro Community. We should have this ready for our Beta release later this year. We will also start accepting contributions once we release our Beta version and we are looking forward to your creativity and enhancements.

The best place for discussion, suggestions and ideas for our product and platform are our forums. To make things easier, you can now use your GitHub account credentials to login to our community site.

Again thank you for your involvement and contribution in making OroCRM and OroPlatform successful open-source projects.

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