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Developers' Digest

OroCRM and OroPlatform Version 1.0.0-Beta1 is now available

September 30, 2013 | Yoav Kutner

OroCRM and OroPlatform First Beta Release
Today is an important milestone for us. We are excited to release OroCRM and OroPlatform version 1.0.0-Beta1. The team has been hard at work for the last 6 months in an effort to build a groundbreaking new open-source CRM application and business application platform. We decided to upgrade our version to Beta as the platform, code and APIs are gaining maturity. Because this is an early Beta please keep in mind that some changes and refactoring of platform bundles are still possible. This does not mean, however, that we are going to relax and lay back in our office chairs. On the contrary, we are intensifying our effort to perfect existing features and we are creating new ones, specifically around eCommerce and B2C CRM. To gain more insight into what we are working on please check our roadmap page.

This new version adds features and enhancements with the highlighted ones listed below:

  • New step-by-step installation wizard
  • New ACL and ACL Management implementation
  • Emails synchronization via IMAP
  • Contacts Import/Export
  • Predefined Grid Views
  • New account contacts management
  • CRM Entities reports
  • Managing Custom Entities and Custom Fields
  • Managing relations between entities
  • And more…

Clone instruction can be found here

All issues should be reported in GitHub:

OroPlatform issues should be reported here and OroCRM issues should be reported here

As usual we are looking forward to hearing your feedback and comments in our forums


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