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OroCRM and OroPlatform Version 1.0.0-Beta5 is now available

OroCRM and OroPlatform First Beta Release

We would like to update that we have released our 5th beta of OroCRM and OroPlatform version 1.0.0-Beta5.
Because this is an early Beta please keep in mind that some changes and refactoring of platform bundles are still possible.

This new version adds features and enhancements with the highlighted ones listed below:

  • Improved ACL management and added ability to manage scope of organizations and business units
  • We have released the first iteration of Oro Reports Wizard (for now with support for table reports)
  • Improvements to Extended Entities bundle and added support for select and multiselect attributes
  • More improvements to the B2B Sales Workflow
  • New “Log a Call” feature added
  • Form validation improvements
  • Improved usability of Tabs in entity view pages and fixed scrollSpy feature
  • Implemented responsive markup (most pages already reflect this change)
  • A weather layer in the contact view map
  • And more…

To gain more insight into what we are working on please visit our roadmap page.

Clone instruction can be found here

All issues should be reported in GitHub:

OroPlatform issues should be reported here and OroCRM issues should be reported here

As usual we are looking forward to hearing your feedback and comments in our forums


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