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OroCRM Beta 6: Dashboards

January 7, 2014 | Tom Boyle

We are excited to give a better preview of our latest release, OroCRM Beta6! The CRM product we’ve promised the Commerce world is beginning to come into focus, and we can’t wait to revolutionize the CRM market.

Beta6 is a monumental step towards that promise. One of the features we’re really excited about is the new dashboard.



Our new dashboard functionality gives you a full view of your most relevant data, how you want to see it. We support the ability to add many dashboards. Below are some of the examples of what you can see:

• Quick links to your Leads, Opportunities, Contacts, and Accounts
• View Opportunities by Lead Source
• View Opportunities by Stage (Won, Lost, or In Progress)
• Calendar View
• Previous Calls and Emails


OroCRM dashboards


What you see here in Beta6 serves as a true preview of our extended reports functionality. For our next release we are simplifying the dashboard configuration process, so stay tuned!

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