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OroCRM Feature Highlight: Ecommerce Dashboard

May 13, 2015 | Oro Team

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Today we are introducing the first of a two-part blog series providing a deep dive into one of OroCRM’s updated features—the Dashboard. Our updated dashboard organizes and presents information illustrating key performance indicators in a simple manner. It allows managers to quickly identify trends, patterns and areas of their business that need attention. Because OroCRM is completely flexible, the dashboard is completely customizable to fit your business needs. Any manager can include charts and data points deemed important for the organization such as Point of Sale (POS), help desk, etc.

Built for the multichannel business, OroCRM provides out of the box two types of dashboard views:  for online retailers selling direct to consumers (B2C) and for a business selling to other businesses (B2B). This blog will cover the former, the OroCRM  B2C eCommerce dashboard. The B2C dashboard offers a wide range of widgets and statistics that are truly unique to OroCRM:

Ecommerce Statistics

This widget provides an easily comprehensible overview of your store’s performance. Within it, managers can see store revenue, new customers, returning customer, average order value, order conversion rate, and many more.  This information helps managers gain a quick understanding of the overall store performance and highlight any area that might need attention.


Purchase Funnel

Our new Purchase Funnel widget allows managers to effectively track conversion rate of each step of their ecommerce funnel. This provides crucial insight and identifies steps in the conversion funnel that require optimization to improve customer experience and increase sales.


My Sales Flow B2C

The B2C sales flow moves from open customers to contacted customers to converted customers. This allows managers to pinpoint customer conversion rate and determine customer value.


Average Order Amount

This widget allows you to see how much on average customers are spending each time they purchase from the site. This gives managers a baseline for understanding the potential profitability of their business and to track campaigns to increase average order value.

Orders Over Time

Managers can track the number of orders purchased over time in order to understand if and how their business is improving.


Revenue Over Time

Similar to orders over time, OroCRM also tracks revenue over time. This information is important in both identifying sales growth and calculating per-channel contribution.

Average Lifetime Sales

OroCRM’s dashboard also offers a widget to calculate average lifetime sales of your customers. This allows managers to understand the revenue of customers over time and helps establish Lifetime Customer Value. This allows a business to assess what should be the customer acquisition cost.

New Magento Customers

Our new Magento customers widget defines the number of new customers your business acquires via Magento each day. This allows managers using Magento to determine the traffic driven from Magento versus the traffic drive from other channels.

Today’s Calendar

OroCRM offers additional tools for both dashboard views, such as the calendar tool, in which users can schedule tasks and other activities.


As mentioned earlier, one of the best features of OroCRM and the dashboard specifically is the flexibility and customization options. It is possible to build and add any additional widget to the dashboard and managers can select which widgets they want on their dashboard based on their varying business needs.

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