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OroCRM is Now Available on the Univention App Center

November 11, 2015 | Oro Team

We are excited to announce that OroCRM is now available on the Univention App Center! Based out of Germany, Univention has a worldwide partner network for the distribution of a constantly growing number of software and hardware vendors. With over 80 enterprise solutions available on their marketplace, their mission is to create an open platform for organizations to easily combine and integrate all kinds of IT solutions and manage them centrally.

The Univention App Center will allow companies’ technology teams to install a pre-configured and ready to use version of OroCRM’s Community Edition into existing environments and test the solution as part of their purchasing evaluation process. Businesses will be able to test OroCRM with minimal investment. This is a great tool for developers to easily test out OroCRM with various virtualization scenarios such as KVM, VMware and VirtualBox.

For download instructions, you can visit Univention’s documentation.

Our documentation offers detailed information on the operations of OroCRM.

If you have any remarks or suggestions regarding OroCRM, we are always glad to receive your feedback.


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