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OroCRM Navigation: Using the Pinbar

March 10, 2014 | Artem Liubeznyi

Our post today will be the first in a weekly series of posts to highlight advanced capabilities of OroCRM navigation items. We are going to explain the concept of pinning pages and demonstrate how to use the Pinbar.

The Pinbar is a productivity tool that allows users to multi-task, keeping items they are working on open across different browsers and sessions. So why pin items? Imagine that you’re working on something important – like filling in a form of an important contact – and then have to leave the work for a while in order to respond to some immediate request. Saving the form is not a solution, as your data might not be ready. At the same time, it would be a pity to lose all the work you have done so far, wouldn’t it?

Enter the solution, the Pinbar. Pinning the page allows you to preserve it in exactly the same state you left it – with all unsaved changes intact. So when you have something you need to respond to, simply pin the page you’re working on; then navigate away, do the other work; and then click on the page tile in the Pinbar and you’re back to work! Note the pinned page is not reloaded; it simply opens from the “minimized” state.

But there’s more…Pinned pages are remembered across browsers – meaning you can start doing work at your office, pin a page, and then come home and open it from another computer, tablet or mobile phone – and continue from the same point you left it!

To summarize, pins are very helpful when you need to preserve work in progress without saving the data. And it works across multiple browsers, allowing you to seamlessly resume working from anywhere you want.

Interface Details
The Pinbar is located on the very top of OroCRM window, just above the menu panel. By default it is empty and displays “Learn how to use this space.”

OroCRM Pinbar CRM ecommerce

To pin a page you’re currently working with, simply click on the pin icon in the top right corner.

OroCRM pinbar crm ecommerce

The pinned page will immediately appear in the Pinbar. To remove it, simply click on the × after the page name or on the Pin icon on a pinned page.

Note that if the current page is pinned, it appears highlighted in the Pinbar.

OroCRM Pinbar - CRM eCommerce

After you pin a certain amount of pages, they will occupy the entire space in the Pinbar and “older” pins will begin to disappear from the Pinbar. You may access them in the Pinbar section of the Three-dot menu.

OroCRM Pinbar - CRM eCommerce

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