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OroCRM and OroPlatform CE 1.6.0 Stable – Now Available

January 20, 2015 | Yoav Kutner

We are happy to announce today our first release for 2015 of OroCRM and OroPlatform and make version CE 1.6.0 available today. For our partners and customers we are also releasing OroCRM Enterprise Edition 1.8.0 today.

Some of the new features included in this release:

  • Email Campaign Analytics Available for Reports and Segments. It is now possible to use the results and analytics from your email campaigns as filters on Reports and for creating Customer Segments so that you can learn from previous campaigns to improve future ones and use this information to target the right customers everytime.
  • Add Comments to Activities. With this feature users will be able to add comments to various record activities, such as calls, notes, calendar events, tasks, etc.
  • WYSIWYG/Rich Text Editor for Emails and Notes. Users can now create rich text emails and notes in the system using the new WYSIWYG editor.

Be sure to check the release notes for OroPlatform and OroCRM to get full list of new features and improvements.

If you are already using one of our older versions you can use the upgrade instructions to update to the latest version.

Clone instruction can be found here.

All issues should be reported in GitHub:

If you have an issue with the OroPlatform, please report it to our OroPlatform GitHub page. And If you run into an issue with OroCRM, please report it to our OroCRM GitHub page.

As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback and comments in our forums

We hope you enjoy this release and find it useful

Thank you

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