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OroCRM Partner Preview

May 15, 2013 | Jary Carter

We have talked a lot about the technology behind OroCRM over the past month. Being technically transparent is a key tenet to our community culture. We will give ultimate transparency at the end of this month when we release our code for the world to see.

We strive for an equal level of transparency in our business planning for OroCRM. Today, we want to share our partnership plans, particularly how we will be working with System Integrators and Technology Partners.

The primary focus for us is delighting our customers. OroCRM has a long list of companies waiting for beta to be released and we want to give them the best product experience possible. We know from past experience and our current demand that many will implement OroCRM in beta stage and that we will need competent partners to help us along the way. Because of this reality, we will be launching our System Integrator Partner Program at our beta release. This program will initially be open to a small handful of partners, 20-30 worldwide, who have proven technical ability, a solution approach to customers, and a strong track record of success in ecommerce and CRM. We will have additional details on our website over the next couple of months on how companies can begin to formally partner with us. We will slowly expand the program through beta and it will be fully launched at the OroCRM 1.0 release.

We also acknowledge that technology doesn’t live in a vacuum, and the best technology comes with a rich ecosystem of integrations and extensions. While we will be proactively pursuing integrations with the most ubiquitous software applications for ecommerce, email marketing, marketing automation, email, and many others, we also encourage technology companies to integrate directly with OroCRM or build adjacent applications utilizing The OroPlatform. We will enable these companies to engage more deeply with us through our Technology Partner Program, which will launch at OroCRM 1.0 release. This will allow technology companies to understand our functionality through the beta phase and thoughtfully create the right level of integrations for our joint customers.

We know that we need the right set of partners to help us along the way and are excited to move forward together. We look forward to your feedback!

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