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OroCRM Roadmap Information

September 9, 2013 | Jary Carter

Over the past several months we have been aggressively working on delivering our vision for OroCRM. This is a vision where the world of commerce customer management is greatly enhanced and simplified. We are pleased to share with you our plans for OroCRM and welcome your feedback as we make our roadmap a reality. Because there are multiple facets to OroCRM we have broken this post into three distinct groups: Sales Automation, Marketing Features, and OroPlatform.

Sales Automation

  • Contact, Account and Opportunity Management: As with any CRM, the heart of OroCRM will come in managing Contacts, Accounts and Opportunities. We will offer these elements cleanly and simply.
  • eCommerce Workflow: We know eCommerce companies are different than their B2B counterparts. Because of that we are creating an out of the box sales workflow specific to eCommerce companies. This takes integrated eCommerce data such as customer information, sales history and abandoned carts, and creates sales flows that maximize conversion.
  • Sales Workflow: Every commerce company has a different sales workflow and needs the flexibility to manage it in a way that fits their business. We are building a flexible and customizable workflow.
  • Action Management and Flow Alerts: Many companies want alerts as customers progress through the sales funnel, allowing for fast follow up and service response. This will be part of our sales automation suite.
  • User-Defined Account and Contact Attributes: Every company needs to track unique data about their customers. We are building the flexibility to track and manage the data needed for your accounts and contacts across your different channels.
  • Integration with MS, Google and eCommerce Systems: OroCRM will integrate out of the box with Microsoft and Google email, as well as have a deep data integration with eCommerce Platforms, starting with Magento.

Marketing Features

  • Customer Segmentation: Customer segmentation is a key part of sophisticated marketing. OroCRM will allow for customer segmentation across multiple data sets, email, ecommerce, CRM, and more, allowing for targeted marketing.
  • Marketing Automation: We are building lead scoring based on multi-channel customer behaviors, allowing for additional marketing intelligence. We are also building the opportunity to embed forms and build campaigns within OroCRM.
  • Business Intelligence: OroCRM will have reporting based on CRM and external data served up via a powerful report engine, in easy to use reports and dashboards. We will integrate Magento data, and other data in multiple formats, including CSV, XLS, Google and database information. We are also building the capability to associate leads to campaigns and closed revenue, for true revenue performance management.

Platform Enhancements

  • Entity, Form and Grid Creation and System Configuration Tools: In our coming versions we will also be enhancing the platform for greater ease in administration of OroCRM.
  • User and Organization Management: Managing multiple business units, profit centers, businesses and users will be easy with OroCRM because of the sophisticated yet simple ability to manage users across multiple territories and business units.

We hope this gives you a flavor of what we are building here at OroCRM. This is certainly not a comprehensive list, but captures some of the highlights. For a comprehensive view of our roadmap please take a look here. We look forward to hearing your feedback!

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