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Developers' Digest

OroCRM Technical Webinar

May 28, 2014 | Jary Carter

Today we hosted a technical webinar for the OroCRM Developer Community. The webinar was delivered live to an audience of over 130 developers and technologists.

Speakers included Yoav Kutner, our CTO and Co-Founder, Dima Soroka, our Vice President of Engineering, and Ignat Scheglovskiy, Core OroCRM Developer.

Yoav gave a high-level product overview of OroCRM and the OroPlatform, as well as walked through the upcoming roadmap. Dima focused his presentation on best practices and ways to contribute to the OroCRM ecosystem, while Ignat gave an in-depth product demonstration on how to customize OroCRM.

There were dozens of questions collected, some of which we were able to answer on the call. Those not answered on the call will be answered in our forums in the coming days.

We recorded the webinar for those who missed it, our would like to watch it again. It is available below!  We also have posted the slides on Slideshare.

If you have additional questions that we did not answer, please feel free to Contact Us directly or ask a question in our forums.

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