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OroCRM Zendesk Integration

August 6, 2014 | Jary Carter


As part of our Community 1.3.0 release, we also released an extension for Zendesk in the Oro Marketplace.  This highly-sought integration furthers our vision of being the Open Source CRM that gives companies a single view of their customers across all their sales and support channels.

Extension Description

Our dynamic two-way integration allows you to eliminate boundaries between systems. You will be able to create an OroCRM case and seamlessly publish it to Zendesk; or see a new OroCRM case arise when a customer opens a Zendesk tickets. Comments between OroCRM cases and Zendesk tickets are also synced—with attention to distinction of public and private.

Integration will allow you to have a full case record along with the other customer data you collect in OroCRM. This opens a whole new range of possibilities to both sales and customer service teams:

  • Full context of customer data means your support team will solve cases faster, and with better, more holistic, understanding of customer’s problems.
  • Case history provides a new dimension for studying and segmenting your customers—and it is fully accessible with OroCRM’s outstanding segmentation and reporting tools.
  • Reporting and dashboards can also be used to measure and evaluate the effectiveness of all of your teams.




How to Install

  1. Log in as administrator to your OroCRM installation.
  2. Open Package manager by going to System > Package manager.
  3. Enter the Package Name as oro/crm-zendesk and click Install to install the package.

How to Set Up the Integration




On Zendesk side

  1. Log in as administrator to your Zendesk account.
  2. Go to Admin > Channels > API. Under Settings, tick the Token Access box to enable REST API using tokens.
  3. Copy the API token. Caution: it grants full access to your Zendesk account so please keep it safe.

On OroCRM side

  1. Log in as administrator to your OroCRM installation.
  2. Go to System > Integrations > Manage Integrations and click Create Integration button.
  3. Choose Zendesk integration type and enter the integration name.
  4. Enter the URL as the URL of your Zendesk installation.
  5. Enter the API Email as the login email of administrator user
  6. Paste the API Token you have copied from Zendesk
  7. Enter Default Zendesk User Email as Zendesk login email of one of your organization’s users. This user will be assigned on Zendesk side by default to all tickets and comments originated on OroCRM side if there is no matching Zendesk user for their OroCRM owners.
  8. Select the connectors for data you want to synchronize between Zendesk and OroCRM. We recommend to synchronize all data.
  9. Choose a Default Owner as one of your organization’s OroCRM users. This user will own all contacts, tickets, and comments originated on Zendesk side.
  10. Check Enable Two Way Sync if you want to be able to publish tickets and comments from OroCRM to Zendesk (recommended). Select the prevailing side for the case of conflicting edits (by default, Zendesk wins).
  11. Save the integration. To start working with your Zendesk data as soon as possible, click Schedule Sync to launch initial synchronization.

With OroCRM and Zendesk now integrated, how will your customer service, sales and marketing improve?

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