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OroPlatform and OroCRM 3.0 Release Candidates Are Available

June 4, 2018 | Oro Team

Following the upgrade to a newer version of Symfony and the OroPlatform and CRM 3.0 BETA releases issued in May, we’re pleased to announce the new product version. OroPlatform and OroCRM RC 3.0 (release candidate) have been released and are available for immediate use.

With the release of version 3.0 RC for OroPlatform and OroCRM, we have completed transitioning to Symfony 3.4, the high-performance PHP framework all Oro applications are built on. To learn why this upgrade is essential and how the versioning of Oro products has changed, read this post.

You can download the latest OroPlatform and OroCRM 3.0 release candidate versions at the following links:

Please note that we don’t provide support and bug fixes for 3.0 RC releases, as they are not LTS (long-term-support). Stay tuned for the upcoming stable LTS 3.0 versions we’ll be releasing in July, which will be fully supported and maintained.

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