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Release Candidate 2 adds Embedded Forms

February 27, 2014 | Tom Boyle

OroCRM’s Release Candidate 2 includes a key feature addition: Embedded Forms.

This new feature allows developers to create custom forms that can be embedded into third-party websites, such as your own web store. Through workflows that can be attached to any entity, these embedded forms allow your business the ability to collect valuable customer data that records directly to OroCRM.

Release Candidate 2 comes out-of-the-box with a form package that can be customized to maintain the look and feel of your website. This includes a generic “Contact Request” form and a “Magento Contact Request” form that uses Magento Community Edition CSS.

Open Source CRM Embedded Forms ecommerce

For now, form types are created by developers, but we have plans in place to implement a GUI tool that will allow form creation without custom development. The look and feel of the form can be customized with CSS during the embedded form creation, or it can be edited on System → Embedded Forms → Create Embedded Form.

OroCRm Embedded Forms Preview - open source crm

Here you may specify a desired form name, attach it to a channel, and select a form type from the dropdown list. After the type has been loaded, the form page will contain a live preview of the form that can be used for testing. The portion that contains embeded code can then be copied and pasted to the target website, successfully embedding the form.

OroCRM Embedded Forms - open source crm

Once the form is finalized, the contact request data will be shown under Customers → Contact Requests. This is the true power of CRM lead capture, as all information entered into the form is now recorded in OroCRM for follow up.

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