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Say Hello to OroCRM

March 5, 2013 | Jary Carter

We are excited to tell the story of OroCRM. Before we get into what we are building it’s worth mentioning why we are doing it.

Coming from the world of ecommerce we have seen first hand the challenges these companies face.  Many have been stuck trying to either customize B2B CRM systems to fit their needs, or build their own homegrown solutions out of frustration with the current market.  No CRM vendor seemed to address the needs for flexibility, reporting and laser-focused marketing tools for multi-channel commerce that our customers wanted.  We knew given the background and DNA of our team we could bring the right solution forward.  Enter OroCRM.

At OroCRM we are committed to getting a few things right.

First, we are committed to having a flexible product that puts business owners in the driver’s seat when it comes to customization of their CRM to match their business process. Flexibility will also bring an ease of integration with other systems so sales people can have a single view of their customers across multiple channels.

Second, we are committed to providing tools to marketers to action their OroCRM data and drive real sales results. As part of these tools, business leaders will also have intuitive reports and dashboards that integrate marketing and sales data to drive accurate business decisions.

Additionally, we are building OroCRM utilizing our Business Application Platform (BAP), The OroPlatform, which will drive an innovative and vibrant ecosystem of developers and technology partners building business applications.

Last, but certainly not least, we are committed to open source. Building a great open source company starts with creating an amazing product and ends with building a company culture that is transparent and collaborative to both employees and community. We believe in the power of many to deliver market innovation.

While we build our product our blog will serve as an interactive place for the growing Oro Community. We welcome your feedback and comments as we share our roadmap, product screenshots, feature ideas, and more. We believe as we work together we will all deliver on a vision of creating a CRM that revolutionizes the market.

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