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Time to Stop Worrying About Your Customer Data

July 31, 2019 | Oro Team

I’m serious! As of today, you can stop worrying and start being in full control over your data. You won’t need to import and export any more CSV files and you can stop wasting time updating phone numbers and addresses manually. From now on, OroCRM allows you to keep all your customer data in sync with over 180 apps through PieSync’s two-way sync solution. 

Psst… there’s a discount if you’re interested.

Creating Data Integrity

Let’s break down the facts. You are using OroCRM as your main customer data hub. You are using it daily to nurture your existing customers and to gather and follow-up on promising leads. OroCRM is helping you to grow your business, but it’s probably not the only business tool you are using. 

You have an app for every process of your business. For your marketing campaigns, to reach out to leads and customers, to create invoices and do your billing, etc. The customer data these tools collect means everything to you, but it’s scattered everywhere. PieSync helps you break down data silos and bring all your data together as a whole.

This will ensure that your contact data is safe and always up-to-date in every app that you are using. PieSync offers a true 2-way sync that’s easy to use and comes right out of the box. No coding required.

How does PieSync work?

PieSync acts as a bridge that can connect OroCRM to any other app you want to keep in sync. It will sync both historical and new contacts and it will ensure no duplicates are created. Once every contact is in sync, PieSync will continuously monitor these contacts and sync any change made in either one of the connected app. Newly created contacts will also be automatically created.

Of course, you are able to configure the sync any way you want, but by default PieSync is a 2-way sync that will sync all your contacts. You can easily decide to only have a one-way sync, or to keep only a subset of your contacts in sync. You can even perform certain automations, like syncing unsubscribes.

PieSync gives you the tools to be in full control over how your data flows through your systems. It is a crucial tool to deliver you a 360-degree view of your customers. And you know what’s the best thing? Once you’re all set, PieSync barely requires any more attention. You can set it and forget it.

Two-week trial

During your two-week trial, you can use PieSync to its fullest potential. During this time you can test the settings and discover which features you need to get the perfect two-way sync. Setting up a sync is easy with the if-this-then-that rules. The filters enable you to sync subsets of contacts and maintain your segmentation across the apps. You can add as many rules as you need, they’ll help you dictate which contacts should be synced and how.

But wait…Which contact data is PieSync actually syncing? Out-of-the-box PieSync will have already mapped the standard contact fields such as name, email address, phone number and address with the same contact fields in the other app. Additionally, you are able to adjust these default field mappings or to map your own customized fields.

Where is this discount?

Starting a sync with OroCRM and any other app is easy and intuitive. Sign up here to get a two-week free trial. By clicking you’ll have a $50 credit in your account! Once you’ve subscribed to any plan, the discount will be subtracted.

Author: Jan Bogaert is a calm and friendly Customer Support Officer at PieSync. He is always going great lengths to provide the best care there is. From time to time, he writes something to inform customers about amazing sync solutions for their B2B saas stack. 

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