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Top 3 B2B Marketing Reports You Need in OroCRM

April 25, 2017 | Oro Team

OroCRM offers a robust reporting engine that can accommodate the reporting needs of any company. Marketers can leverage existing, out-of-the box reports or use our reporting engine to build their own custom reports with details from any system entity. With OroCRM, marketing teams can measure the effectiveness of a campaign and correlate that to opportunities to see how much revenue a campaign brought in.

In today’s blog, we’ll discuss the Top-3 B2B marketing reports that may benefit your business when using OroCRM.

Before You Start

Before you start generating any reports, follow these steps to ensure you have relevant and sufficient data to analyze:

  • Select a few core metrics that are absolutely crucial for you to track (e.g. the amount of leads and opportunities, their statuses, deals and marketing campaign budgets, lead sources, etc.).
  • In your CRM system, analyze the quality of data these metrics deliver to detect data gaps or deficiencies.
  • Revisit and if necessary, establish a new in-house workflow to help keep the data clean. Try and minimize human errors from by manual data entry.
  • If too much data is missing for any of your metrics, determine the shortest timespan that makes sense for your business (such as last month or last quarter) and fill in the gaps.
  • Make sure both sales and marketing teams are on the same page when it comes to the data entry. They should feel motivated to put in accurate and relevant data (for example, a sales rep would be more motivated to fill in information on leads and opportunities once this data affects their KPIs).

Now, let’s move to building data-driven and insightful marketing reports in OroCRM.

Marketing Source Efficiency

As the name suggests, this report drills down to the efficiency of specific marketing sources. You may want to run this report to identify which marketing campaigns or channels (such as website, direct mail, email marketing and so on)  drive the highest amount of leads, how many of those leads are then converted to opportunities, how many deals are won, and what was their total close revenue.

This will allow marketing teams to visualize what marketing efforts have actually yielded in higher quality leads.

b2b marketing reports in OroCRM

Marketing Source Efficiency Report in OroCRM.

b2b marketing reports

Setting up marketing source efficiency report in OroCRM.

Marketing ROI

By generating this CRM B2B marketing report, you will monitor and measure your marketing ROI and evaluate the performance of your campaigns. You can compare the investment made for marketing campaigns against the revenue received from closed deals to evaluate and rank an overall effectiveness.

Note that different marketing campaigns may achieve results within different timeframes. For example, while some efforts produce results immediately (e.g. pay per click ads), others may require more time to show tangible benefits (e.g. SEO efforts). Make sure to select the appropriate time span for your marketing activities ROI assessment.

marketing ROI b2b report in OroCRM

Marketing ROI sample report in OroCRM.


Setting up b2b Marketing ROI report in OroCRM

Setting up Marketing ROI report in OroCRM.

Landing Pages/Forms Efficiency

This report will help you determine your most engaging website content. Track what landing pages and forms were most effective, which of them enticed the most number of visits and submissions, and which of them resulted in the most conversions and closed deals. Pairing these insights with reports on marketing campaigns or marketing sources may help prioritize which tactics are the most effective. Building these reports in OroCRM has an immense advantage over tools like Google Analytics. While Google Analytics handles anonymous data, OroCRM allows you to link all activity to a specific visitor which can be very useful for sales and support teams.

tracking specific users path through the website

Tracking user’s path through the website with OroCRM.


Before you start building your B2B marketing reports, remember that you first need to understand which metrics define your marketing and business success. More often than not, marketing professionals tend to generate hundreds of reports because they just feel more secure with more information. But, it’s important to only build reports that are able to give you insights that can be acted on. For example, once the report reveals a bottleneck you may want to dive deeper into particular data, or you may decide to invest more into particular effort, if the report shows it clearly generates good business.

Are you looking to build any other OroCRM marketing reports valuable for your business and would like us to tell you more about them? Let us know in the comments below or by contacting us directly.

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