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Training Thursday: JavaScript Tutorials For Full Stack Developers

March 16, 2017 | Oro Team

Last month Oro’s core development team had several internal trainings on essentials of JavaScript (JS), a popular high-level dynamic scripting HTML and Web language.

These workshop sessions target full stack frontend and backend developers who don’t specialize in JavaScript as they primarily use PHP but are looking to improve their JS programming skills.

These JavaScript tutorials might be useful for our Community developers, as they:

  • Introduce JS essentials (inheritance, scope, context);
  • Explain differences between PHP and JS programming languages;
  • Cover fundamentals of BackboneJS library;
  • Discuss ChaplinJS application architecture using BackboneJS;
  • Demonstrate how to deal with Backbone and Chaplin and emphasize things to pay attention to when working with both.

We believe these tutorials will help our internal and external technical talents to easily read code written by their fellow developers as well as create a quality and error-free code of their own.

We’ve uploaded the videos to our Oro Media library so feel free to check them out.

  1. JS Master Class 1 – Essential Knowledge of JavaScript
  2. JS Master Class 2 – Fundamental of BackboneJS and ChaplinJS

If JS is not a breeze for you yet, use these materials to catch up with JavaScript basics.

We’ll be adding more videos to this series and will let our community know when they are posted.

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