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OroCRM Tutorial: Learn How to Add Notes, Attachments, Cases and Log Calls in OroCRM

March 2, 2017 | Oro Team

Training-Thursdays at OroCRM

Friday should not necessarily be your only favourite day of a busy business week. Training Thursday with the new online OroCRM tutorials has arrived meaning you can chill out in our cosy Oro Media library zone with a cup of coffee and some freshly baked OroCRM tutorial videos.

Take your time learning how to use smart OroCRM tools that will help you optimize your follow-up procedures and administrative tasks you perform in the application.

Our today’s bunch of “how-to” videos will guide you on:

  • Logging your calls in OroCRM;
  • Adding notes to different activities and entities within the system;
  • Creating and managing user cases;
  • Adding attachments to the records.

Here’s a rundown of what each training material has to offer:

How to Log a Call

Logging calls in the system is particularly helpful when processing Opportunities or contact requests.This short video explains how to keep track of both incoming and outbound calls and store all call-related data using OroCRM’s call logging function.  

How to Add Notes

This OroCRM training video demonstrates how to enable and add notes to OroCRM entities or activities. Adding quick notes allows to pinpoint particular details about a customer or an account and let other users view them.

How to Create and Manage Cases

By watching this tutorial video, you’ll learn different ways of creating cases within OroCRM. This feature allows to record any issues reported by your customers, keep track of issue statuses and its resolution.

How to Add Attachments

This OroCRM training video discusses how to enable the Attachments feature within OroCRM and add attachments to the records related to customers, customer cases, accounts.

We hope the listed tutorial videos as well as other educational materials available on our website will help you jumpstart to OroCRM basics and eventually deepen your application knowledge.
As always, we are looking forward to receiving your feedback and suggestions for further trainings. 

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