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Training Thursday: Learn How to Create and Use Calendars, Roles, Tags and Taxonomies in OroCRM

March 30, 2017 | Oro Team

Time runs fast: it’s already Thursday , meaning our next Training Thursday session is here! New learning videos have recently been uploaded to Oro’s Media library that can be watched at your leisure.

Today’s package of OroCRM tutorials will help you to further explore basic yet very useful functions.

After watching the new OroCRM how-to videos, you will be able to:

  • Create and manage calendars
  • Create and manage roles
  • Create and add tags and taxonomies

Now let’s overview each of these in more detail.

How to Create and Manage Calendars

Within OroCRM, each user has a personal calendar that can contain specific tasks, events, and shared calendars of co-workers. In addition, it’s possible to create system and organizational calendars for shared events and meetings. This training video shows how to create, manage, and use events in an OroCRM calendar.

How to Create and Manage Roles

Roles are used to provide controlled access to data in OroCRM. Multiple roles can be created and assigned to users to manage different access levels. This tutorial video explains how to create, view, assign, and manage roles (aka predefined user permissions) within OroCRM.

How to Create Tags and Taxonomies

OroCRM’s tags are certain keywords or phrases that users can assign to a system record. Tags offer organization and filtering capabilities to system data and they can be used when generating reports, creating segments, or setting up rules. To highlight your tags and make them stand out, you can apply specific color codes or taxonomies. This video demonstrates how to create and manage tags and taxonomies for better information processing.

We hope these tutorials help you to leverage the full capabilities of OroCRM.
We pay great attention to user feedback and requests when we create new “how-to” videos. So if you would like us to create a video discussing a specific OroCRM feature, just leave a comment below or post in one of our forums.  

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