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Training Thursday at OroCRM: Learn How to Create & Manage Emails, Tasks, Contact Requests, & more

March 9, 2017 | Oro Team

This week’s Training Thursday tutorials are all about managing communication.  Whether you are communicating with team members about tasks that need to be performed or communicating with customers, OroCRM has many highly-customizable functions to manage in-house and external communication.

This week you will learn how to:

  • Create and manage emails and even sync other email systems with OroCRM;
  • Create tasks and assign them to yourself or other users;
  • Create notifications so users get an email when specified events happen;
  • Track contact with individuals requesting information, support, or other assistance;
  • Create and manage system user records.

These videos are brief but loaded with valuable how-to information. Watch one or watch them all, you’re guaranteed to get more from OroCRM when you better understand it’s applications. Here’s a summary of this week’s videos.

Manage Email Communication

Email is an important way to communicate internally and externally. OroCRM allows you to send and receive mail and sync other imap emails to your system. This video covers sending and receiving email as well as assigning tasks based on email content and adding context to establish relationship with other team members, accounts, and associated records.

Manage and Communicate Tasks

The Tasks function allows you to create, assign, and manage tasks. This brief video will get you up and running on using this function to schedule and track activities.  Tasks can serve as a reminder to follow-up with a customer or assign a customer request to another user.  Tasks can be added to any record type. You can also assign a priority, add reminders, add context, and share tasks.

Manage Notifications

Notification Rules allows you to define when users or groups of users are automatically notified by email that an event has occurred. You can specify any number of rules when an event will trigger an email notification. You can use system or entity variables and send notifications to specific users, groups of users or even a specific email address. In addition to teaching you how to manage notifications, this video includes how to create customizable email templates for your notifications.

Manage Contact Form Requests

OroCRM not only provides contact forms to easily embed, but it also provides a powerful system for managing contact requests once they are received. Customers can use these forms to request information about your products or services, request support, or other assistance. This tutorial shows you how to create your embedded form and use the Manage Contacts functionality to view received contacts and take actions such as sharing the contact or converting it to an opportunity or a lead.

Manage User Records

Information isn’t valuable if it isn’t shared. This tutorial shows how easy it is to customize access and permissions within the OroCRM user management system. You will learn how to set up a user, identify their groups, and set their access.

We hope these tutorials and the other training information on our website will help you get up and running with OroCRM as quickly and painlessly as possible. As always, we would love to hear your feedback and ideas for further training materials. Share your thoughts in the comments section below or post in on our forum.

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