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Training Thursday: Oro’s Front-end Architecture

June 15, 2017 | Oro Team

Following our previous workshops discussing the basics in JavaScript programming, we offer a new master class explaining the fundamentals of Oro’s front-end architecture.

This workshop targets both PHP and JavaScript developers in addition to Oro’s Community members. The training breaks down key principles of how Oro architected it’s front-end for all Oro applications – OroCRM, OroCommerce, and OroPlatform-based applications.

Our Front-end Architecture Master Class covers the following points:

  • Backbone.js and Chaplin.js as the Oro Application frontend base;
  • Why Oro Application is not a single page application (SPA);
  • Application modules and global views;
  • Application starting  flow;
  • Page components and their initialization;
  • Promises tree in Layout initialization.

We’ve uploaded the training to our Media library so be sure to check out the recording: JS Master Class 3 – Oro Frontend Architecture.

As this video tutorial references some information to JavaScript programming language (such as Backbone architecture or Chaplin JS library), you may want to review our previous Master Classes. To do so, simply click on the video and watch it online:

JS Master Class 1 – Essential Knowledge of JavaScript
JS Master Class 2 – Fundamental of BackboneJS and ChaplinJS

Stay tuned for more of our workshops. As always, feel free to leave comments and suggestions below.

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