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Training Thursdays: New Quick Start Training Now Available for OroCRM

February 16, 2017 | Oro Team

With this post, we’re kicking off our new Training Thursday blog series. Once a week, we’ll add a short training video on how to use a particular OroCRM feature and will announce it in our blog and social channels. We like the idea of starting out the series with something grand. Let us introduce OroCRM Quick Start, our new self-led tutorial already available on our website.

With its help it’s now possible to learn OroCRM essentials anywhere and anytime. This interactive step-by-step training educates first-time OroCRM users on how to get started with the application and familiarizes themselves with basic functionalities.

Note: Before you start, consider opening an instance of OroCRM to follow along with the exercises given in the course. This is non-obligatory but might come in handy. Use your personal instance or free demo.

Smart Content, User-Friendly Interface

OroCRM Quick Start is a comprehensive guided course comprised of learning slides, screenshot & recorded simulations, section summaries, and short try-it-yourself exercises with tips enabling you to practice what you’ve just learned. At the end of the training, you can test your knowledge by taking a short quiz (don’t worry, you can skip this but where’s the fun in that!).

Just like our OroCRM product which is highly flexible product, so is our course. Users can either follow the provided course sequence or select preferred sections from the main menu and complete the training at their own pace. The intuitive player buttons allow navigation across the learning slides. You can keep the audio on to listen to the narrator or disable it and simply read through the guidelines.

Training CRM self-led course shout out

The Course Overview

The OroCRM Quick Start self training is compact yet informative and covers many different areas within OroCRM.

After completing the guide, you will be able to:

  • Log in into OroCRM
  • Change and reset password
  • Use Common Tools that help easily navigate through the application (such as shortcuts, items, pins, search function, History, Favorites, Most viewed, Sidebar panel, Navigate records, and My Configuration)
  • Manage Grids, import and export them, use the action buttons, grid options, settings, and filters
  • Differentiate between Entities and use them respectively
  • Work with different types of Activities to create, track, and update customer related actions
  • Set up Customers (Magento and Business customers, accounts, and contacts)
  • Add Tags to records
  • Use Leads and Opportunities and know how they are related
  • Access and handle Magento Shopping Carts and Magento Orders
  • Integrate Magento store with OroCRM
  • Use Marketing functionalities for efficient organization and marketing campaign tracking (including marketing lists and Magento newsletter subscribers)
  • Use Roles, Permissions, and Ownership types.

We hope this CRM self training course helps new OroCRM users grasp the basic concepts and improve overall application knowledge.

The OroCRM Quick Start online course is free and it can be used as often as you’d like. The only requirement is to sign up or log in to your existing Oro Account.

Do you have any suggestions on how we can improve our course? Share your thoughts with us!

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