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Training Thursday: OroCRM Training Videos Recap

February 23, 2017 | Oro Team

Training-Thursdays at OroCRM

Following last week’s OroCRM Tutorial post  that started the Training Thursdays series, we would like to keep informing our Community members of the online training resources available on our website.

Tons of “how-to” and “how-do-i” questions typically arise when you’re a first time user of the application. To provide you an easy way to learn OroCRM, we proactively wanted to give answers to some frequently asked questions. Our media library of CRM learning materials offers an ever-growing collection of tutorials, webinar recordings, presentation decks, and other resources to help you quickly get up to speed with OroCRM’s functionalities.

For today’s Training Thursday, we’ve handpicked some of our recent OroCRM tutorials. These short tutorials will help you find out how to configure some of the application’s basics, tweak & tune your OroCRM workplace environment, and use Oro tools to increase productivity.

Here’s a brief overview for our new videos:

How To Set Up User Profiles

This video explains how to setup your personal user profile in the application.

How To Synchronize Your Mailbox

This video will show you how to sync your email mailbox with OroCRM. OroCRM supports both synchronizations with your email service provider using IMAP and SMTP server connection. This means you can manage your emails straight from our user interface.

How to Create and Edit Contact Records

This OroCRM training video discusses how to create and edit Contact records that contain contact information like phone number, email, and/or address on people you’re doing business with.

How to Set Display Settings

This video helps you configure display settings within OroCRM. Learn how to customize display options and personalize your user interface and experience.

How to Create and Manage Events

The OroCRM Events functionality enables users to create and manage events and offer the ability to invite other participants if necessary. This OroCRM tutorial video discusses how to take advantage of these features.

How to Add Comments

OroCRM allows users to add comments on records of any system entity or on any activities (e.g. tasks or logged calls). After viewing this video, you’ll know how to use our comments feature.

We constantly replenish the virtual shelves of our Media Library by adding new educational materials. Be sure not to miss out on next week’s Training Thursday.

Would you like us to capture an OroCRM training video video demonstrating how to perform a specific action or use a certain feature? Please let us know in the comments.

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