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Most Useful OroCRM Marketplace Extensions

March 28, 2017 | Oro Team

Oro team with an immense assistance from our vibrant Community has designed OroCRM as a flexible and full-featured customer relationship management software capable of satisfying any business need. However, some companies might have additional requirements forcing them to look for off-the-shelf add-ons that would extend OroCRM’s functionality.

Here at Oro, we make industry-leading products, from the most flexible CRM in the industry, the only true B2B eCommerce platform, and a B2B marketplace management software. We have created an ecosystem around our products where not only certified partners can create bridges and add-on extensions, but any developer interested in enriching our product experience can submit code to our marketplace team. The Oro Marketplace already lists dozens of purpose-built extensions from new features enhancements to integrations with the third-party apps.

Let’s look through some of our hottest Marketplace extensions that help with commerce, marketing, sales, and customer service.

Extensions for Commerce

OroCRM eBay Integration

This extension adds an eBay channel to OroCRM and facilitates order importing from an eBay store to the CRM system. With the help of this integration, companies can access data on ordered items, track contact information like shipping addresses, and obtain a 360-degree customer view.

Price: Free of charge

OroCRM Amazon Integration

This extension adds an Amazon channel to OroCRM and facilitates order importing from an Amazon store to the CRM system. With the help of this extension, it’s possible to view all the order and customer related data from Amazon.

Price: Free of charge

Magento Abandoned Cart Extension

This module automatically creates lists of Magento customers who abandoned their shopping carts without completing an order. This extension also allows to segment such customers and run targeted re-engagement marketing campaigns straight from OroCRM.

Price: Free of charge

Woocommerce Connector for OroCRM

The Woocommerce connector makes it possible to import and export customer order coupons, import abandoned carts to CRM, recover abandoned carts and incomplete purchase orders.

Price: $290

Prestashop Connector for OroCRM

The Prestashop eCommerce connector allows OroCRM users to integrate all of their data related to the customers accounts, orders, and shopping carts into the CRM application.

Price: $1499

Opencart Connector for OroCRM

The Opencart connector makes possible to easily synchronize all Opencart store data like orders, customers, and products to OroCRM.

Price: $199

Extensions for Sales

OroCRM Google Hangouts integration

The integration with Google Hangouts allows both voice and video calls to be made directly within the OroCRM application. All calls are logged automatically, including any notes made during the conversation.

Price: Free of charge

Business Card Reader for OroCRM

This extension instantly maps the information found on a business cards to OroCRM fields. This can be useful during trade-show season where sales teams collect high volume of business cards that need to be processed into the CRM.

Price: Free of charge

Extensions for Marketing

Sweet Tooth for OroCRM

This extension was designed to help retailers create a points-based customer loyalty program to better engage with their clients.

Price: Free of charge

OroCRM Dotmailer Integration

This integration allows businesses to use Dotmailer’s email campaigning tools on OroCRM data: Create and send marketing campaigns using segmented marketing lists, import campaign information directly into OroCRM, and track email marketing statistics across campaigns.

Price: Free of charge

OroCRM Mandrill Integration

This extension can be used to send emails via Mandrill SMTP servers directly from the OroCRM application.

Price: Free of charge

OroCRM MailChimp Integration

This extension maps OroCRM contacts to Mailchimp subscribers and syncs information between them to better manage email campaigns, lists, and segments.  

Price: Free of charge

Extensions for Customer Service

OroCRM DiamanteDesk Integration

OroCRM integrates with DiamanteDesk customer service software to provide OroCRM users with a flexible support ticketing system.

Price: Free of charge

OroCRM Zendesk Integration

The OroCRM and Zendesk customer service platform integration allows companies to efficiently manage and sync customer support tickets within OroCRM. Get the full 360-degree view of the customer across sales, marketing, and customer support interactions.

Price: Free of charge

Other Useful OroCRM Extensions

OroCRM Redis Integration

The integration between OroCRM and Redis server, an open-source data structure store,  improves the system’s performance and responsiveness.

Price: Free of charge

OroCRM Time Tracking Extension

TimeLap is a useful plugin that enables users to track time spent on OroCRM tasks. Once the information is logged, users can build TimeSheet reports based on the information inputted.

Price: Free of charge

OroCRM QuickBooks Smart Solution

OroCRM integrates with QuickBooks, a popular business application used for accounting, where users can send invoices, manage receipts, track bills, and control cash flow. The data can be integrated in either a uni- or bi-directional manner.

Price: quote-based

We believe that by growing our Oro Marketplace, Oro provides value to both our customers and product developers. The Marketplace gives an excellent opportunity for developers and partners that want to sell their extensions and display their OroCRM expertise. We encourage our valuable Community members to contribute to our Marketplace and create even greater variety of Oro connectors, extensions and plug-ins.

Whether you are an OroCRM user eager to suggest a new extension or a developer looking to contribute, please feel free to contact us or leave your questions and suggestions in the comments section below.

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