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Webinar Recap: Best Practices for Taking Your B2B Company Online

May 31, 2017 | Oro Team

We’d like to thank everyone who joined our ‘Best Practices for Taking Your B2B Company Online’ webinar last week. In case you didn’t make it to this insightful session, we offer a review of the webinar for your convenience.

Jary Carter on B2B eCommerce essentials and choosing a proper eCommerce platform  

Jary (Founder and CRO at Oro Inc.) started the presentation by talking about how Oro had focused on delivering targeted B2B solutions to enrich the undersaturated eCommerce market. He then highlighted the core aspects of B2B eCommerce, its most typical use cases, and the drivers causing an exponential growth of B2B online sales. After emphasizing major differences between B2B and B2C sectors, Jary discussed what features within an eCommerce platform allow for B2B online transacting and ensure a greater buyer experience (such as corporate accounts, quick order forms, personalized catalogs, multiple price lists, and quote-to-order workflows). He closed his speech by going through the benefits of out-of-the-box CRM capabilities within a B2B eCommerce solution the sales teams could leverage.

Ryan Shields on bringing out the value of B2B website

Ryan (CEO and co-founder at Indaba Group) then talked about benefits of a B2B website business-to-business organisations looking to migrate online would leverage. He mentioned how businesses can benefit from selling via a B2B eCommerce website (e.g. finding product data faster, streamlining ordering process, tracking orders using corporate accounts). Ryan explained that using B2B eCommerce website can significantly improve operational efficiencies for B2B merchants. Ryan completed his portion of the presetnation by explaining how system integrators can help get B2B eCommerce sites up and running.

Brandon Briggs on multi-channel B2B eCommerce and email marketing automation

Brandon (Email Expert and Channel Manager at Dot Digital) delved into how email marketing and email automation can be instrumental in the B2B space alongside other essential tools such as a website, CRM system, and an eCommerce platform. He broke down the reasons why email marketing remains a key component in overall marketing strategies and the benefits email marketing carries for multichannel businesses. Brandon then proceeded to talk about the differences between B2B and B2C eCommerce email automation and he concluded with recommendations for setting up your own B2B email and eCommerce automation.

If you feel like viewing the presentations’ slides, please follow this link.

Stay tuned for more of our
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