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Why B2B E-Commerce Companies Need a CRM

October 6, 2015 | Oro Team

Why B2B Companies Need a CRM - Webinar Banner


Last week we partnered with Indaba Group to bring you our webinar “Why B2B Companies Need a CRM”, where we highlighted ten key strategies B2B e-commerce companies should adopt to meet the demands of their customers. As B2B customers increasingly act like B2C consumers, the desire for self-serve methods to get instant access to product information has skyrocketed. Consumers want easy-to-use e-commerce websites, online sources and mobile device functionality from their distribution companies, thus requiring these businesses to optimize their B2B game plan in order to stay competitive and drive more sales.

During this webinar, Indaba CEO Ryan Shields discusses how B2B e-commerce will overtake B2C and which principles B2B businesses should adopt as they move into an online e-commerce model. He also shows the importance of using a customer relationship management platform to understand customers on a deeper level, strengthen connections, continually provide value, and ultimately drive sales.

If you missed out on our live webinar, you can still watch the recorded version below or access the slides online from slideshare.



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