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Advanced Sales

Congratulations for having completed the Basic Sales Pipeline course!

You can now progress to Advanced Sales, where you will learn how to:

  • create opportunities from scratch
  • create opportunities from accounts
  • create opportunities from related customers
  • assign sales territories to leads, opportunities, and customers
  • use taxonomies to enhance sales process management
  • use widgets and reports to track sales performance
  • create reports to measure sales effectiveness
  • work with multi-currency opportunities

As always, you can check what you have learned by taking quick quizzes and doing some practical tasks as you proceed through the course.

Let’s get started!

Course Information


  • Course Progress

    • Introduction
      • Opportunities Overview
    • Create Opportunities
      • Create Opportunities from Scratch
      • Create Opportunities from Customers
      • Create Opportunities from Accounts
      • Suggested Practice 1
    • Manage Opportunities
      • View Opportunities Throughout the Application
      • Organize Opportunities: Lists and Kanban
      • Work with Multi-currency Opportunities
      • Create Taxonomies and Add Tags
      • Suggested Practice 2
    • Work with Sales Territories
      • Sales Territories Overview
      • Create Sales Territories
      • Assign Sales Territories
      • Suggested Practice 3
    • Create Reports with Opportunities
      • Opportunities by Status
      • Won Opportunities by Period
      • Forecasts
    • Summary and Follow Up
      • Check What You Have Learned
      • Recommended Resources

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