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Basic Sales Pipeline

Welcome aboard Oro Tutorials!

In the Basic Sales Pipeline course, you will learn the key concepts of the sales pipeline and will be introduced to the basic sales process steps, such as:

  • creating a lead
  • converting a lead into an opportunity
  • developing an opportunity
  • closing it as won

In the Sales Pipeline Management section, you will get acquainted with the concepts of accounts, customer, and contacts, and see how you can trace your sales with the help of them.

You will also be able to check what you have learned by taking quick quizzes after each section of the course.

Buckle up and let us begin!

Course Information



  • Course Progress

    • Introduction
      • Sales Pipeline: Basic Concepts
    • Sales Pipeline Management
      • Understanding Accounts, Customers and Contacts
      • Analyzing Your Sales Sources in Accounts
    • Sales Pipeline in Use
      • Lead Creation
      • Conversion of Lead into Opportunity
      • Opportunity Development
      • Logging Won Opportunities
    • Summary and Follow Up
      • Check What You Have Learned
      • Recommended Resources

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