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Global Car Brand

This automotive company is one of the largest of its kind in Europe. With a history that dates back over 200 years, it is currently based in almost 160 countries and has over 10,000 stores. They manufacture everything from cars and vans to scooters and bicycles, and annually sell over 1,710,000 vehicles worldwide. They pride themselves on their innovative and diverse range of products.

The Challenge

The car manufacturer was looking for a CRM system that would help simplify the complex, multi-step process of purchasing a vehicle online, as well as give them a full 360-degree view of the customer purchase journey.

As such, they required a solution that could do the following:

  • Link together data from various systems and departments involved in the purchase of a vehicle. These include applications for finance data, trade-in deals, and insurance claims, as well as their marketing analytics system and a separate on-premise CRM.
  • Give their sales and marketing teams powerful and customizable features, such as the ability to create different buyer profiles in order to build targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Organize data using access controls in order to ensure that users, departments, and offices only have access to the information they require.

The Solution

OroCRM’s flexibility and scalability proved ideal for the car manufacturer, as it allowed them to develop a customized platform that gave them a full 360-degree view of their customer experience.

This, in turn, let them design more targeted marketing campaigns that produced better conversions and buy rates. Other benefits included:

  • OroCRM could connect to each of the car manufacturer’s systems and third-party applications in order to act like a central hub and collect all of their customer data in one place.
  • Sales and marketing features within OroCRM, such as its segmentation engine and web tracking tools, were capable of adapting to fit the exact needs of the car manufacturer.
  • OroCRM’s user roles and permissions could be set up in order to control where data gets sent and who can see it. This not only increases productivity but makes the entire system more secure.

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