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Music Company Modernizes Legacy Platform for OroCRM

Founded in 1959 by the Deutsche Orchestervereinigung (DOV) and the German division of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), the Gesellschaft zur Verwertung von Leistungsschutzrechten mbH (GVL) represents artists, sound producers, and organizers in relation to their intellectual property rights. GVL captures the usage of recordings worldwide and forwards the payments to record labels, event organizers, musicians, actors and dancers. Currently, GVL has about 160 employees and supports more than 150,000 eligible personnel in usage of their secondary and third party publication rights.

The Challenge

In 2015, GVL launched “BEAT17”, a comprehensive project for the reorganization and renewal of its IT-systems in order to comply with the EU’s directives for collective rights management requirements, which required the removal and modernization of legacy systems and software solutions. They also needed to be able to compete with other international collecting societies.

GVL needed to develop a consistent, central software solution that would be able to project workflows of business partners and manage their current customers. To improve the company’s general service portfolio, GVL needed a centralized system that would manage their master data, storage systems connections, and complex workflow implementation.

The Solution

After a comprehensive selection process, GVL decided to begin their project with OroCRM’s open source solution. Part of that decision rested upon the fact that since 2014 GVL, it had built its other internal applications based on PHP and Symfony-Framework-stacks. GVL chose OroCRM due to specific implementational and operational advantages, notably Oro’s support/feature request service desk, support of high-volume PostgreSQL databases, usage of the ElasticSearch solution, and numerous complex CRM functionalities.

Because all client-based processes of GVL were to be handled by OroCRM, the application had to be implemented in a way that would be user-friendly for internal employees. Furthermore, DMK managed to use and expand the frontend-GUI, which was based on the Framework Bootstrap and had been provided by the core system, which enabled GVL to access all CRM content across multiple devices in a responsive design.

GVL launched their initial phase of OroCRM in 2017. Customer related processes, which had previously been collected and processed separately, are now mapped in the CRM, where they are accessible for all relevant employees. A holistic view on both business partners and CRM workflows majorly improves efficiency for the customer.

The project currently generates a regular roll out of new CRM-functionalities through bi-weekly scrum-sprints, in addition to tasks concerning the claim-dispute-handling. Connections to email and postal shipping service providers have additionally been implemented based on existing marketing tools.

OroCRM’s partner, DMK, will continue to be GVL’s strategic technology provider for the system’s operation and its continuous development.

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