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You are currently viewing documentation for a previously released version of OroCRM. See the latest long-term support version.

Welcome to OroCRM Documentation!

OroCRM documentation provides several guides to help you understand Oro and use its capabilities as smoothly as possible, and find answers to the questions most frequently asked by the community.

Learn how to enhance your business with the capabilities of OroCRM in the User Guide: Getting Started, and User Guide: Business Intelligence, User Guide: Support, User Guide: Marketing, and User Guide: Sales, . Read Developer Guide to get information about the basic features and capabilities of OroPlatform. Get acquainted with the most used OroPlatform solutions in The Oro Cookbook. Understand the bundles used at the back-end to build and modify OroCRM using the OroPlatform features with The Oro Bundles.

Check out the Community Guide if you want to participate in the development process.

Developer Guides

Developers Guide

This section provides information related the Oro application architecture and setup:

The Cookbook

This section provides a series of areticles with more detailed information for developers and integrators:

The Oro Bundles

This section contains information about OroPlatform and OroCRM bundles, overview of system capabilities they introduce, and guidance and advice on customization and extension of the out-of-the box capabilities.

Support and Contribution

Join Oro community and contribute to the open-source OroCRM Community Edition.


This section contains annotation and configuration format reference.

Browse maintained versions:
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