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You are currently viewing documentation for a previously released version of OroCRM. See the latest long-term support version.

Integration with Dotmailer

OroCRM supports out of the box integration with dotmailer, allowing you to do the following:

  • Map OroCRM Marketing Lists to address books in Dotmailer and keep them synchronized.
  • Use your address books to create email campaigns in Dotmailer and import them to OroCRM.
  • Use Dotmailer campaign statistics and OroCRM reporting tools to analyze the campaign efficiency.

This article describes how to define and edit the integration and synchronization settings.


While Dotmailer integration capabilities are pre-implemented, OroCRM can be integrated with different third-party systems.

On the Dotmailer Side

The only step you will need to take in Dotmailer is to generate an API user for the integration:

  • Login to your Dotmailer account.
  • Hover over the Account menu and click “Manage users”.
  • Click the API tab
  • Click the Add user button
  • Define the following details:
Field Description
Email address The email address is automatically generated for you and cannot be edited.
Description An optional field, where you can enter a free text description to understand the specific API key purpose in future.
Password and Confirm Password Enter a password then confirm it. Your password must be at least 8 characters in length and contain at least 1 digit or non alphanumeric.
Enabled Check the box to activate the API key.
  • Click the Save button.

On the OroCRM Side

Install the “OroCRM Dotmailer Integration” extension (oro/crm-dotmailer)


Create Dotmailer Integration

  • Go to “System –> Integrations → Manage Integrations” and click the Create Integration button.
  • The “Create Integration” form will appear.
  • As soon as you’ve set the integration type to “Dotmailer”, the form will be recalculated to meet specific integration requirements.

Define the following mandatory details:

Field Description
Type* The integration type. Must be set to Dotmailer.
Name* The integration name used to refer to the integration within the system.
User Name* and Password* The email address and password of the Dotmailer API user.
Default Owner

Limits the list of users that can manage the integration, as well as all the entities imported within the integration to only those whose roles allow them to manage integrations and corresponding entities that have been assigned to the owner (e.g. the owner, members of the same business unit, system administrator, etc.).

By default, the field is filled in with the user that is creating the integration.

After the “Username” and “Password” have been entered, you can click the Check Connection button, to see if the credentials are valid.


After the integration has been created and its status has been set to Active, the list of Address Books will be automatically imported from Dotmailer to OroCRM for further integration management.

Map OroCRM Marketing Lists to Dotmailer Address Books

Now you can map contacts from the OroCRM marketing list to a Dotmailer address book.

  • Go to Marketing → Marketing Lists and open the Marketing list that you want to use.

  • If a Marketing list is suitable for the connection, the Connect to Dotmailer button will appear on the View page of the marketing list.



Each OroCRM marketing list may be connected to only one Dotmailer address book, and each Dotmailer address book may be connected to only one OroCRM marketing list.

  • Click the button. “Connect To Dotmailer” form will emerge.


  • Define the following fields:

Field Description
Integration* Contains all the Dotmailer integrations available in the OroCRM instance. Select the integration, for which the mapping must be performed.
Address Book*

Contains all the Dotmailer Address Book records created in the Dotmailer UI and available or connection.

Does not contain the All Contacts and Test Address Books automatically generated in Dotmailer, nor the Address Books that have already been connected to another Marketing List in OroCRM.

Now you can use the Address Book record to create Email Campaigns in Dotmailer.

Synchronization Flow

Start the Synchronization

After the connection has been saved, contacts from the marketing list will be automatically exported from OroCRM to the chosen segment of MailChimp. Since then, data synchronization between OroCRM and Dotmailer will be performed automatically.

You can also start the synchronization manually. To do so:

  • Click the Synchronize button in the Dotmailer menu on the View page of the Markting List
  • You can also start the data synchronization from the View page of the integration, with the Schedule Sync button.
  • You can also start the data synchronization with the BSchedule button in the System → Integrations → Manage Integrations section.

Synchronization Process

During the synchronization the following details are updated:

  • The list of Address Books available in Dotmailer is updated in OroCRM.
  • All the contacts suppressed/unsubscribed from an Address Book are unsubscribed from the related Marketing List in OroCRM.
  • All the contacts added to an OroCRM Marketing List are added to the related Address Book in Dotmailer.
  • An Email Campaign is created for every campaign that was created in Dotmailer, and details of the contact activities within the campaign are imported to OroCRM.

Manage the Integration

All the integrations created will be available in the Integrations grid under “System → Integrations → Manage Integrations”. You can use the grid action icon for the following:

  • Delete the integration – IcDelete
  • Get to the Edit page of the integration – IcEdit
  • Start the data synchronization – BSchedule

On the View page of a specific marketing list you can click the Dotmailer drop-down menu for the following:

  • Start synchronization manually.
  • Change the connection settings for the list.
  • Disconnect the list from the segment.
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